Continneti: GOP’s uninspiring alternative budget

Weekly Standard:

We wish we could say that Republicans had stepped up to the plate with a compelling, competing vision of America’s future. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. As visions go, the alternative budget that the House GOP offered last week is pretty dim. It’s the same platform Republicans rode to defeat in 2008: a five-year spending freeze, extending the Bush tax cuts, and reducing the corporate tax rate to 25 percent from 35 percent. It would tie Medicare benefits to income so that high-earners receive less. It would prevent future bailouts and repeal much of the stimulus. And it would increase domestic oil and natural gas production.

There are plenty of good ideas in the House GOP budget. We’re particularly fond of the energy program, for example, and think voters would be, too. Nonetheless, the good ideas don’t yet add up to an attractive picture of a prosperous and responsible America. The party of Lincoln has a real opportunity to rechristen its relationship with the American middle class, and to chart a way forward for democratic capitalism. That work has just begun, so perhaps it’s not fair to expect it to be reflected in this year’s Republican budget alternative. But, even judged by limited expectations, this budget’s pretty uninspiring.

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