KFL: State Board acts to take Tiller license for fraud & financial affiliation

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March 31, 2009
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State Board acts to take Tiller license for fraud & financial affiliation

Shortly after a 6-member jury acquitted George Tiller of 19 criminal misdemeanor abortions based on illegal financial affiliation with Dr. Kris Neuhaus, the Kansas state Board of Healing Arts is taking the position that he is guilty and they intend to do something about it.

Tiller is heading to an as-yet-unscheduled hearing for license revocation, based on a Dec. 12, 2008 Board petition charging him with fraud, unprofessional conduct and illegally using Neuhaus for 11 abortions in 2003. See charges at http://www.ksbha.org/Press_Releases/12-12-08_tillerpetition.pdf

Announcement of the disciplinary action was undoubtedly a move by new executive director Jack Confer to restore public confidence in the Board after embarrassing allegations surfaced in this past week’s trial that the Board’s former director, Larry Buening, coaxed Tiller into collaboration with Neuhaus.

The Board petition asserts as fact, that “Neuhaus’ referral is not independent” and that Tiller and Neuhaus had a “symbiotic relationship,” with Neuhaus becoming his lone consultant in 2003 and Tiller patients providing her sole income.

KFL Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp said:
“The Tiller jury, perhaps intimidated by high-paid defense lawyers, conceded that the Tiller-Neuhaus collaboration was sufficiently approved by the Healing Arts Board director, but the true Board authority firmly holds that Tiller factually broke the law. The timing of the Board’s posting about their intention to revoke Tiller’s license means they don’t want Kansans to be disheartened about abortion law enforcement, and is a welcome turn of events. We hope similar actions await Neuhaus.”

Tiller testified in court that he called upon his long-time friend Buening in frustration in July 1999. At that time, Tiller could not find even one, out of the 100 semi-retired Kansas physicians he had personally contacted, to provide second opinions for approving abortions after viability. Buening allegedly suggested Neuhaus could come to Tiller’s Wichita compound and facilitate what assistant AG Barry Disney termed “a one-stop-shop” for abortions after viability.
Neuhaus was at the time on the verge of license revocation herself after a troubled career.
See Neuhaus Disciplinary Record, indepth articles http://www.lifenews.com/state3964.html http://www.lifenews.com/state4003.html

Open complaints against Tiller from Kansans for Life, Michelle Armesto-Berge and Operation Rescue have stalled for years under the Buening administration. Buening was forced to resign in disgrace last June for laxity in disciplining practitioners. For nearly 2 decades, Kansans for Life has railed (with some success) against incompetent abortionists going without punishment under Buening’s directorship.See also http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics/story/1111803.html

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