Is Support For Gay Marriage Increasing? — RCP Blog asks

RCP Blog:

More importantly, while I would think that support for gay marriage has grown in California, I would be wary of reading too much into the fact that the 2008 vote was far closer than the 2000 vote. With Prop 22, gay marriage proponents were seeking to preserve the immediate status quo and were not actually faced with the prospect of stripping anyone of a right that was more than theoretical. Neither was true for Prop 8, meaning that at least some of the tightening was likely due to the differing factual contexts for Prop 8 and Prop 22.

It is also probably worth noting that the next time gay marriage comes up for a vote in California, these contexts will be more akin to those present for Prop 22 than for Prop 8, and that in the future, proponents of gay marriage will have the added disadvantage of being on the “yes” side of a ballot initiative, which is generally thought to be the more difficult side to be on.

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