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Karl Rove cites numbers from the Pew Reseach Center to argue that Barack Obama “has done more to [quickly] polarize America” than any president “in the past 40 years.”

Michael Gerson uses the same numbers to call Obama “the most polarizing new president in recent times.”

Michael Dimock, Pew’s associate director, responds via Greg Sargent:

“It’s unfair to say that Obama has caused this divisiveness or to say that he is a polarizing president,” Dimock said. He claimed that this phenomenon is driven by long-term trends, uncommon Dem enthusiasm, and the Republican tendency to be more hostile to opposing presidents than Democrats.

CBS’s Sarah Dutton and Gallup’s Jeff Jones share historical “polarization” data collected by their organizations.

Andrew Sullivan and Charlie Cook are watching the independents (and remember, we now have separate charts that break out Obama’s approval rating among Democrats, Republicans and independents).

More from Nate Silver, Chris Cillizza, Amy Walter, Jay Cost, Peter Wehner, Eric Kleefeld, Chuck Todd et. al., DemfromCT, Steve Benen, Glen Bolger and Ed Kilgore.

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