Kaw and Border looks at absurdity of Olathe Schools First

This was desperation from the anti-education socialists at Olathe Schools First:

That’s seriously what they are arguing? Kay O’Connor, a TWO-TERM State Senator and FOUR-TERM State Representative who never lost a local election in Olathe, is somehow a bad endorsement? And Jim Churchman — a Republican — gasp — endorsed Phill Kline — a Republican? Wow, that’s groundbreaking.

What’s even more hilarious is that on the flip side of this piece, they say “trust the professionals, not the politicians” — yet right next to that statement, they list that Amy Martin has the endorsement of several politicians — namely Ron Wimmer (Democrat who lost to Julia Lynn), who was REJECTED by Olathe voters in the last election by a 55-45% margin. Also included on the list is Sue Storm (Democrat former State Rep from northern Overland Park, State School Board Member) and three former school board members.

Apparently, to Olathe Schools First, you’re only a professional if you’re a LIBERAL elected politician.

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