NBC’s Mitchell Pushes Hillary to Bring Back Assault Weapons Ban


NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, in a taped interview from Mexico with Hillary Clinton on Thursday’s Today show, partially blamed the Bush administration for Mexico’s current drug cartel violence as she charged that “90 percent of the guns used by gangs” were available because the Bush White House and Congress let the assault weapons ban lapse. Mitchell even went as far to push the Secretary of State to “challenge the gun lobby” and “reinstitute” the ban.

ANDREA MITCHELL: And 90 percent of the guns used by the gangs come from the U.S., including the powerful assault weapons that were banned until Congress and the Bush White House let the ban expire.
MITCHELL TO HILLARY CLINTON: Why not take that on? It would be tough but why doesn’t the administration challenge the gun lobby and take on the assault weapons ban and reinstitute it?

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