Kinzer endorses Jim Churchman

From Olathe Rep. Lance Kinzer:

Kinzer Endorses Jim Churchman for Olathe School Board

Rep. Kinzer has endorsed Jim Churchman for re-election to Olathe School Board Position 5. In particular, Rep. Kinzer has released the following statement:

“I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to join me on April 7 and support Jim Churchman for re-election to the Olathe School Board.

During the past four years, Jim has been a strong and trusted advocate for the Olathe community, improving our school district and educational process. During this time, Jim has been a consistent voice for parent involvement in their child’s education, diligently responding to their needs, while also actively working to promote the importance of the family in our community. Jim has also served as the main advocate for our teachers, increasing their compensation so as to no longer lag their peers in Johnson County and across Kansas . Jim’s dad was a teacher for 38 years, so he is very much aware and committed to the importance of providing for the teachers and their classroom needs.

During Jim’s time on the board, he has demonstrated true fiscal leadership, reinvesting excess cash back into our schools, into special education and Title 1 programs and into all children in the district. At the same time, Jim has kept his commitment to consistently lower property taxes over the past four years. Jim has been a regular resource to me as a Kansas legislator. He has demonstrated a tremendous capability to understand and manage the complex Kansas school finance formula, and in doing so has been an invaluable partner in assisting me with maximizing funding for K-12 needs in our community in a responsible manner. It is truly comforting for me to know that I can pick up the phone at any time and get straight facts and innovative solutions from Jim about educational needs for Olathe.

As is unfortunate in many elections, Jim’s opponent has elected to run a negative campaign based on false attacks on Jim’s record rater than advancing any positive agenda of her own. It is interesting that while she seems happy to make groundless attacks through the mail see has dodged doing so in person, skipping the scheduled debate between the candidates. Olathe deserves better and I have been impressed that Jim has remained true to his values, electing to rise above this approach and demonstrate respect for the community and the people he represents. Simply put, Jim’s character is beyond reproach.

I am proud to join the other elected legislators in Olathe and Overland Park in voting for Jim Churchman for re-election to the Olathe School Board. I would ask for your support in doing the same. You may learn more about Jim, his family, his role as a father and his service to the Olathe and greater Kansas City community at Here you will also learn more regarding Jim’s participation in the recent candidate forum conducted by the City of Olathe and the Olathe Chamber of Commerce, the debate his opponent elected to simply skip.

Please vote on April 7th. It truly is a time to care and there is much at stake. Please support Jim so that he may continue to support you.”


Governor Signs Rep. Kinzer’s “Woman’s Right to Know and See Act”

On Friday, March 27th Governor Sebelius signed legislation that will give women seeking abortions access to more information, including an opportunity to view a sonogram and listen to the heartbeat of their unborn child. Prior to being signed by the Governor this legislation was approved by veto proof majorities of more than 2/3 in both the House and Senate. For more information look here:

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