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Jack Cafferty: I’m ‘Rooting’ for ‘Terrific’ and ‘Bright’ Obama

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


CNN’s Jack Cafferty gave an interview to the Media Bistro’s “Media Morning Menu” podcast on Thursday and rhapsodized about the “bright” and “terrific” Barack Obama. Talking to hosts Steve Krakauer and Glynnis MacNicol, the Situation Room contributor cheered on the new President. He enthused: “I’m pulling for the guy. I like him. I think he’s terrific.” See BlogTalkRadio for the full audio:

Mike Pence editorial: Republican principles work

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Mike Pence at

Americans are working hard to preserve a secure and prosperous future, but the President’s budget would add nearly $1 trillion to the national debt every year for the next 10 years-for a total of $9.3 trillion. Instead of controlling spending, this Administration seems intent on spending money we don’t have and piling massive debt on our children and grandchildren.

Americans deserve better. That is why House Republicans laid out our blueprint yesterday for economic recovery that curbs spending, creates jobs, lowers taxes, controls debt and is built on principles of growth.

The “Republican Road to Recovery ” is a blueprint for a substantive, comprehensive budget alternative that will be introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives next week. The Republican budget will be built on the values Americans nationwide are practicing every day.

Ohio to use stimulus funds for anti-suicide fence

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

One man jumped to his death off the All-America Bridge this year.

Two more used the Akron bridge – more commonly known as the Y-Bridge – to commit suicide in 2008.

Akron hopes to curtail future deaths on what has been dubbed ”Suicide Bridge” by installing a fence.

The controversial fencing – some have been pushing for it, while others think it’s a waste of money – was among the local projects the state approved Thursday for federal stimulus funds.

”It just makes a safer Akron for everybody,” said Robert Conley, who has been urging the fencing since his son, Kevin, jumped off the bridge to his death in 2006.