Column by Currie Myers on Fairway election

Currie Myers at The Kansas Federalist:

The city of Fairway has a long and storied tradition of excellence and being a great place to live and raise children in the Kansas City area. Once known for their concern for the bottom line as well as providing excellent police services, the city in the last few years as turned into a town of chaos and small town politics.

Now in Fairway, concerned residents have raised alarms on a myriad of topics with Fairway government officials, from eminent domain, to abuse of power, to the use of tax monies for non-core government services, to excess government regulations and spending. The Mayor has done everything in his power to silence his critics.

Now, the Mayor has used thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s monies to essentially campaign for re-election by using Fairway City Newsletters. This is an election he could very well lose and should. Mayor St Clair is plain and simple a liberal that believes in government intervention, high taxes and government spending. He is not a man of the people. Its time for his defeat before his policies do even more harm in the wonderful city known as Fairway!

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