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  1. Pregnancy Management Initiative gains Senate support
    1. The Kansas Senate voted Tuesday to fund the Stan Clark Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative.The initiative is one of the programs earlier targeted for elimination as the state struggles to balance its budget.

      The program was seen by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as less important than other taxpayer-supported goals, such as supporting Planned Parenthood, a regional abortion provider.

      The funding level in the Senate’s version matches the funding level in the budget bill passed by the House: $355,000.

    2.  “House, Senate pass differing versions of fiscal year 2010 budget

    Passage Tuesday of differing versions of fiscal year 2010 budgets in the Kansas House and Senate sets up what could be a contentious debate later this week among members of a yet-to-be-appointed conference committee who will be charged with reconciling the House and Senate bills.

    At the center of the debate will be funding for K-12 education. The Senate’s budget proposal does not cut education spending, while the House calls for a $26 million reduction.

    There are other less-glaring differences in the bills as well, but both proposed budgets would spend roughly the same amount in fiscal year 2010.

3.  Neuhaus testimony wraps up second day of Tiller trial

The state rested its case against Wichita abortionist Dr. George Tiller today, shortly after the end of testimony by its only witness.

Tiller is charged with 19 misdemeanor counts of performing late term abortions after obtaining a second opinion from Dr. Kristin Neuhaus, with the state claiming she had an improper legal or financial affiliation with Tiller, a violation of state law.

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