Darrell Issa Swears Off Pork — why can’t Tiahrt and Moran?

Club for Growth:

Darrell Issa is now the 26th member of the U.S. House to swear off earmarks. Congrats! From his press release:

Rep. Darrell Issa today announced that he will not make appropriations project spending requests, also known as earmarks, for FY 2010. He cited President Barack Obama’s broken campaign promise to veto bills that do not bring earmarking down to 1994 levels and a 92% increase in spending over last year’s level as deciding factors in his decision.

“President Obama’s spending priorities have more than tripled the federal budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2009 ballooning it to $1.7 trillion,” said Issa in a letter to local officials explaining his decision. “As a result, the state of our nation’s finances is dire, and our federal spending plan does not in any way bear an appropriate relationship to the state of our nation’s economy.”

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