Conservative v. libertarian on Sunday alcohol sales

Peach Pundit last month:  “Oxendine announces his opposition to free markets and local control”

While pandering to the religious nuts in the GOP Primary

Oxendine Says Put Family Values First; Opposes Attempt to Legalize Sunday Sales

ATLANTA – Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, a 2010 candidate for the GOP nomination for Governor, today announced he will oppose any legislative attempts to legalize Sunday sales of alcohol in the 2009-10 term of the General Assembly.

“Republicans are supposed to be the party of family values. Where is the value in selling alcohol on the Lord’s Day?” Oxendine asked.

Georgia lawmakers are considering legislation to allow Sunday package sales and in grocery stores on Sundays. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has said he would allow a vote on the issues in the state Senate.

Oxendine said he will join Gov. Sonny Perdue, the Georgia Christian Alliance, the Christian Coalition of Georgia, the Georgia Baptist Convention, and the Georgia Council on Moral and Civic Concerns opposing Sunday sales.

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