Webinar: Increasing Cognitive Engagement in the Online Classroom



In a traditional classroom, it doesn’t take Miss Marple to detect students’ lack of engagement. The heavy eyelids … the doodling … the faint, furious scrabbling of text messages. Caps pulled down, heads in hands, heads on desks.  Subtle, it’s not.

Things are different in an online classroom. You don’t really know how students are reacting: whether they’re fully engaged or even fully awake.  Certainly the risks of disengagement are high. Online students don’t experience the social elements – the group dynamics – that lend immediacy to the traditional classroom. And wherever they are, they’re presented with substantially greater opportunities for distraction. If they’re feeling bored, it’s simple enough to pick up a phone, a video game or the car keys.

So it’s fair to say that student engagement is a significant issue in your online classroom. You’ll get some practical advice and innovative strategies for boosting engagement in the new online seminar, Increasing Cognitive Engagement in the Online Classroom, featuring presenter, Dr. B. Jean Mandernach of nearby Park University.  You’ll receive a wealth of tools for keeping online students involved and focused, including:  Methods of engaging online students efficiently and effectively; Empirically supported instructional strategies to increase students’ interest; Ways to modify instructional approaches to be more active and authentic; Low- (or no-) cost strategies that foster a personal connection with students; and Insights into the cognitive barriers associated with online learning.

Staff Development is pleased to present this Webinar from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, March 26, in 264 GEB.  Registration is required; you may do so through MyJCCC using CRN 30483.  Questions may be directed to staffdev.dept@jccc.edu or Ext. 7654.

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