The five biggest changes from Windows 7 beta

Computer World:

Microsoft just released details of changes it’s made since the beta of Windows 7 was released. Here are the top five changes.

The Engineering Windows 7 blog lists three dozen changes. None are earth-shaking. But here are the top five changes:

At-Tab integrates with Aero Peek

Aero Peek is one of the niftiest new features of Windows 7, and lets you “peek” underneath open windows to the desktop. With the latest build of Windows 7, when you use Alt-Tab, Windows Peek also springs into action, but only when you want it.

It’s easier to spot newly installed programs

Whenever I install new software, I generally want to run it, and right away. But software doesn’t always launch right after installation. With Windows, it usually takes some hunting and pecking to find your newly installed software. No longer. Now the icon for newly installed software will automatically be placed at the bottom of the Start menu, so you can easily find it.

UAC improvements

Microsoft continued to tinker with UAC. In the previous beta, there were complaints it was so watered down that safety was compromised. New tweaks supposedly make it safer.

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