Protest socialism this weekend — as it turns out, next to property recently owned by Bob Regnier, Kansas City’s first bank bailout recipient

A news release from Johnson County resident Clint Anderson:

Conservatives, Stand Up!

Protest Obama’s socialism this Saturday!!

Where:  95th & Mission  – McDonalds (NE corner, under construction)
What to do:  Cheer for freedom and protest liberal socialism!  Bring a handmade sign (suggestions below)!  Bring your kids!  Bring an American flag!
When:  9 – 10:30 AM (we conservatives have real-world responsibilities, so we can’t do this all day!)
Spirit:  Pro-America, respectful disagreement with the expansion of Obama’s socialiam and the “bailout economy”
Signs:  Use posterboard and large markers.  Need to be short & pithy.  Suggestions below:
*  No socialism!
*  Less government, More freedom
*  Less government, More Prosperity
*  No socialized healthcare!
*  Change that I’m afraid of!
*  Government IS the problem!
*  Honk for Freedom!
*  Socialism FAILS!
*  Honk if you love freedom!
*  No Porkulus!

Contact:  Clint Anderson,, 913-424-3564

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