Louis Sheldon Endorses Tim Huelskamp

From Tim Huelskamp:

National Pro-Family Leader Rev.
Louis Sheldon Endorses Tim Huelskamp March 6, 2009

“This is a crucial time for our nation, and we need leaders who have a clear record we can count on…and Tim Huelskamp is such a leader.”

National Conservative Leader Rev. Louis Sheldon, Chairman of the influential Traditional Values Coalition, announced his endorsement of Senator Tim Huelskamp for Congress…

“I am proud to officially announce my personal endorsement of State Senator Tim Huelskamp for Congress in Kansas’ first district.

Having worked in the pro-family, religious community for over twenty-five years with the Traditional Values Coalition, I know the qualities that a conservative grassroots leader should possess, and Senator Huelskamp is such a leader.

He represents the future of the conservative traditional values movement in this nation that seeks common sense public policy like protecting the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman and winning the war against terror.   The voters of the 1st district can trust a leader like Tim to fight for their values because not only did he author the Kansas Marriage Amendment, he spearheaded its approval by more than 70% of the voters.  Moreover, I appreciate how the Senator’s record includes ratifying amendments to limit access to cyber-porn and protection of our families.

This is a crucial time for our nation, and we need leaders who have a clear record we can count on.  Tim has a 13 year record of supporting Kansas values and the traditional values I have spent a lifetime defending.  That is why I hope you will join me in supporting Tim Huelskamp for U.S. Congress.”

We are so excited and honored by this endorsement from such a prominent national, pro-family leader like Rev. Louis Sheldon — who has been fighting for our values for more than 25 years.  Please join Rev. Lou as soon as possible in helping our campaign by making an online contribution to our campaign.


Senator Tim Huelskamp

P.S.  A top newspaper has just identified this as one of the Top 10 Congressional Races in the entire country.  And that’s why out-of-state money against us is pouring into this race.  We can’t let out-of-state special interests buy this seat.  Please consider a contribution of $300, $100, $75 or even $35 today.  We need your help as soon as possible.

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