WIBW on K-State’s NCAA chances


K-State has certainly exceeded expectations this year.  After losing Mike Beasley and Bill Walker to the NBA, there were big question marks coming into the year.  They lost some close games in the non-con schedule then started 0-4 in big 12 play.  Since then the wildcats are 8-3 and now have 20 wins on the year.  With a win this Saturday vs. Colorado they will have a winning record in big 12 play with huge wins over Missouri and at Texas.  They also played OSU very close on the road.  So my question is do you think KU will get in?  Do you think they deserve to be in?  My answer is different for those questions.  I think KSU will be left out of the tourney but I feel they deserve to be in.  They are playing well right now and could win some games in the tourney.  Unfortunately they struggled early and that will come back to beat them.  In order for KSU to make the big dance, they need to make a good run deep into the Big 12 tourney ( which i think they are certainly capable of).  Good luck Wildcats.  Is anyone going down to OKC to watch the Big 12 tourney?

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