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Meadowlark investigation on Sebelius: questionable Medicaid funding arrangement

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Kansas Meadowlark:

Also yesterday, a news story by Kansas Health Institute’s News Service, Special funding arrangement questioned, revealed Gov. Sebelius may have granted special favors to one program, Community Living Opportunities (CLO),  which specializes in caring for people with severe disabilities.  This favor was at the expense of other related programs, and to the benefit of CLO where Gov. Sebelius’ confidante served on its board.

Gov. Sebelius’ friend and Kansas Democratic Party chair, Larry Gates, appealed only as a “Kansas citizen” to Gov. Sebelius for approval of $712,00 in “extraordinary” funding for CLO.   Gates and his law partner, Dan Biles (who was appointed by Gov. Sebelius to the Kansas Supreme Court in January 2009) happen to be on the board of CLO.

Pro-gun student group at JCCC

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Campus Ledger:

A new group of students is challenging the college’s current concealed weapons policy with a petition.

Headed by Ian Thomas, student, the group known as the Students for Concealed
Carry on Campus (SCCC) is petitioning to give college students “who have a concealed carry license the right to carry on all public universities in the state of Kansas.”

The petition could be presented to the Board of Trustees or even members of the Kansas legislature.

Currently, the only persons allowed to bring guns on campus are college police and law enforcement officials. Firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited in all other cases, with a “no guns” symbol prominent on entrances around campus.