Wichita Tea Party on Friday

From Bob Weeks in Wichita:

Voice For Liberty in Wichita
Individual liberty, limited government, and free markets in Wichita and Kansas

Wichita Tea Party This Friday

No More Bailouts!

Thank you to Senator Brownback and Kansas Republicans for opposing bailouts and pork-filled stimulus bills!

“In a new American Tea Party, citizens across the USA are beginning to protest giant government programs that reach deep into their pockets. These programs create huge economic burdens on American families and threaten their livelihood now and into the future.”

We’re having a tea party in Wichita this Friday. Come show your appreciation … and your frustration!

Friday February 27, from 11:30 to 12:30
Office of Senator Sam Brownback
Farm Credit Bank Building, 245 N. Waco, Wichita, KS

Contact Nancy Armstrong at 316-990-6009 or renaissancelady46@yahoo.com

Click here for more information and for ideas for homemade signs.

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