State GOP approves of judicial nomination change

Kansas courts are among the most radical in the country because the process used is less accountable than any other process by any other state in the nation.

From the Kansas GOP:

January 29, 2009


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Kansas GOP Chairman applauds legislation that will shed light on
Kansas Judicial Nominees

Topeka, Kansas – Kansas GOP Chairman Kris Kobach today applauded Olathe Representative Lance Kinzer’s Judicial Reform bill. Kinzer, who is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, today introduced HCR 5005 in Topeka, Kansas.

Chairman Kobach said, “This long overdue bill is important to shed light on the judicial nomination process, which currently occurs behind closed doors and produces mediocre results.”

HCR 5005 will transform from a lawyer-controlled body to one that is accountable to the people of Kansas. Currently, Kansas is the only state in the union to use a selection commission in which lawyers control the majority of members. Under Representative Kinzer’s plan the Governor, Senate President and House Speaker will each appoint 3 members to a nomination committee. The Governor, under this plan, may reject all three nominees and ask for new recommendations. When the Governor approves the nomination of an individual, the Kansas Senate must confirm that nominee by a majority vote.

“It is about time we bring political accountability to the appointments process in Kansas. As Kathleen Sebelius has demonstrated, the current system allows governors to appoint their political cronies. And the legislature has been powerless to stop her,” Kobach continued.

“The people of Kansas demand accountability from their government. It is imperative that our citizens know as much as possible about our judicial nominees considering their continued expanded scope of influence upon Kansas public policy. One doesn’t have to look farther than our current budget debacle to see what an unaccountable and out of control judiciary can accomplish.”

To reach Kris Kobach for comment please call 913-638-5567.


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