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Overland Park lobbies for wasteful ‘stimulus’ bill

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Benjamin Hodge at “Overland Park government on its budget: ‘We have a crisis. This is historic. Let’s build a museum.’”

“A low point” in Overland Park’s history.

Hundreds of economists state opposition to bill

Hundreds of economists state opposition to bill

Read the whole column here.

Flint Hills Center on property taxes

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

From the Flint Hills Center:

Contact:  Dave Trabert

January 28, 2009
(316) 634-0218

Proposition K Will Make Property Taxes Fairer and More Predictable

(WICHITA) – A new property tax initiative—known as Proposition K—seeks to stabilize property taxes in Kansas and make local government budgeting more transparent for taxpayers. Yet Proposition K places no limits on the ability of elected officials to raise revenue or balance budgets. Rep. Steve Brunk (R-Wichita) will introduce the Proposition K legislation today.

Over the last 10 years (1997 to 2007), property taxes statewide have increased 83% (see attachment—Tax Growth by County). Residential property taxes are even worse, with a 119% increase in total collections. There simply is no good reason for these outrageous increases. It’s not driven by a need to serve more people; Kansas’ population has only grown 7% over that same period. It’s not inflation; the Consumer Price Index increased about 2.5% per year. It’s the appraisal process.

AP: Sweeney Gets Minor League Deal With Seattle

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

The AP:

SEATTLE — Five-time All-Star Mike Sweeney and the Seattle Mariners have agreed to a minor league contract, and the 35-year-old will compete to become the team’s designated hitter.

Sweeney has a .299 career average with 199 home runs and 849 RBIs in 14 seasons, the first 13 with Kansas City. He appeared in only 42 games with Oakland last year, when he had surgery on both knees. The Athletics released him Sept. 9.